Campaign Goal:


Top Participant

  1. Margi U. (Family Group 1) - $2,460
  2. Brittany C. (Family Group 1) - $1,660
  3. Dana S. (Administration) - $1,050
  4. ANETRA T. (Volunteers) - $1,010
  5. Katie A. (Administration) - $890
  6. Charlie S. (Family Group 4) - $570
  7. Joel I. (Family Group 5) - $550
  8. Rebekah B. (Administration) - $456
  9. Suzanne D. (Volunteers) - $426
  10. Morgan B. (Family Group 6) - $395

Top Groups

  1. Family Group 1 - $4,470
  2. Administration - $2,586
  3. Volunteers - $1,981
  4. Family Group 5 - $690
  5. Family Group 4 - $630
  6. Family Group 6 - $425
  7. Family Group 3 - $310
  8. Family Group 2 - $150

Sibling Strong volunteers and friends are participating in their first ever 5k fundraiser to reunite siblings! Sibling Strong is a non profit organization who helps reconnect siblings that are separated through foster care and other out-of-home care throughout the year! Their mission is to reinforce their sibling connection, encourage social development, restore hope, give a sense of normalcy and reduce feelings of isolation.

Our goal is to raise $10,000. This will allow Sibling Strong to host events every month and continue to reunite siblings! Your donation will also go towards runners medals & events for all campers at our Camp to Belong WA event this June!

Please sponsor your participant by making a donation on their behalf and by sharing this page so that Sibling Strong and Camp to Belong WA can continue to reunite siblings! Donations are 100% tax deductible and may qualify for coporate matching!

Thank you for your generous support!

Participants will run, bike, scoot, skip, jump or walk 3.1 miles for a worthy cause! The event takes place between June 20th through June 25th but registration and donations begins now! 


If you are looking to register as a participant, please go to:

Use Participant Code: 3C6C to search for your participant.


If you would like to donate cash/check or have additional questions please contact



Participants who raise $50 will receive the Sibling Strong runners medal 

Participants who raise $150 will receive a Sibling Strong 5k T-shirt!


 Click here to go to our Sibling Strong website and learn more ways you can get involved!



Please Thank Our Sponsors!